About Us

About Us

We are a boutique consulting agency that works with sustainable companies, NGOS and companies who want to make meaningful changes towards more sustainable ways of working. We do creativity. We do sustainability (and we do it well). Our vision is to work with like-minded companies and organisations who wish to enact positive change.

What we do

We are forward-thinkers who seek to drive positive change and minimise our environmental impact. We’re serious about what we do and having fun while we do it. Our studio is based in Cape Town, South Africa but we are available to work with organisations from all over the world who share our ethos.

What are our values?

We are refreshingly

We see challenges, not problems and use creativity to solve them. Our refreshing approach brings visions to life.

We do things with

We are driven by the ‘why’ behind what we do. And why do we do it? Because we believe that what we do has the ability to create positive ripples of change.

Our passion shows!

We literally love what we do, which means we always bring our best foot forward. We get excited about helping our clients and that shows in our high standard of work.

We keep it simple. Sustainable!

We believe in simple, effective and non harmful ways of doing things. Sustainability isn’t just for the tree-hugging hippies. It’s a way of life and our way of doing work.

We live what we stand for!

We are both serious and transparent in our ethos. Even our logo and body fonts have been carefully selected based on their use of less ink and toner than conventional fonts. And that’s just the start.

(Believe it or not) we are all connected!

Duh. But seriously, what we do has an impact. We strive to make our impact a positive one when it comes to our relationships with each other, our clients and our world.

Our Services

Environmental Communications

From articles to blogs, we are well-researched communicators specialising in sustainability and socio-environmental justice.



From strategically placed sustainability signage, to internal sustainability campaigns and trainings, we aim to get your employees onboard with your sustainability journey.


& Talks

We offer a range of workshops and talks focusing on how indivduals and groups can respond to planetary crisis.



Our design skills complement the rest of our services, with profeciency in both layout and illustration.



We offer social media management and email marketing services to NGOs and ethical organisations.



We provide maintenance services for existing websites of NGOs and ethical organisations.

Some of our Work

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