Darling Brew

Branding & Strategy, Communications, Digital Solutions, Graphic Design, Photography Video Production, Sustainability
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About This Project

Darling Brew is a craft brewery based in Darling, Western Cape. They are one of South Africa’s first well established, award-winning breweries and are currently focusing on their sustainability journey. In 2016 they launched Blood Serpent, Africa’s first carbon neutral beer and in 2018 became Africa‚Äôs first carbon neutral brewery in which we assisted with the launch and communications.

We assisted Darling Brew with:

  • The Public Relations and marketing campaign for the launch of the brewery as Africa’s first carbon neutral brewery.
  • Digital communications (social media, website management and email marketing)
  • Brand strategy
  • Graphic design
  • Product development and packaging concepts
  • Sustainability journey and communications
  • Public relations
  • Media activations


Link to carbon neutral beer press release: