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Sustainability Communications, Training, Behavior Change Signage.

Communications, Sustainability
Communications, Copywriting, Employee Engagement, Iconography, Signage, Sustainability, Sustainability Communications, Sustainability Training
About This Project

Equator- The Belt Factory is one of Africa’s largest belt manufacturers, supplying belts for the like of Woolworths, Polo and Levi’s. The factory, based in Pinetown Durban, embarked on a sustainability journey in early 2018 when moving into their new factory. The company is working with our partners Ecolution Consulting on a short, medium and long-term sustainability strategy to ensure that their building and production is as sustainable as possible, whilst looking into long-term alternatives to leather and ways to make their supply chain as sustainable as possible too.


We assisted Equator with sustainability communications in the form of:


  • Strategic signage around the factory to engage and educate employees and guests about the sustainability interventions around the factory, as well as behavioural tips on how to minimise water and energy consumption, recycle well and reduce waste.
  • Employee training workshops.
  • Sustainability Journey copywriting and iconography for website and client collateral.


Disclaimer: We are aware of the devastating social and environmental impacts of the leather industry. Whilst we do not endorse these practices, we believe in working with companies who are at any stage of their sustainability journey and are serious about making a change.