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Graphic Design, Sustainability

Graphic Design, Sustainability
Cape Town, Graphic Design, Sustainability, Sustainability Communications, Sustainability Communications Cape Town
About This Project

Oceaneers, a community of ocean aficionados, are committed to reducing their consumption of products coming from the fishing and animal farming industries. They wanted to create an online presence/inspirational group to address the connection between ocean conservation and industrial, animal farming. transparenCI assisted the brand in creating a logo that accurately represented this vision.


Why the Marine Iguana?


Oceaneers wanted a logo that encapsulated their steadfast nature while still representing mindfulness. The Marine Iguana spends a lot of time in the ocean’s turbulent waters yet is slow to move which inspires a conscious approach. The deep sea green colour of the logo affiliates itself to the plant-based lifestyle philosophy that Oceaneers follow, while the gradient of colour represents the varying degrees to which people can adopt this lifestyle as well as the sense of transience and change (because nothing in this world is constant).