Sustainability Communications (part 2)

Sustainability Communications (Part 2) – Our Client Case Studies

Sustainability Communications is what we do best.

It is our favourite kind of work and the kind of work that we believe has the ability to cause ripples of positive change. In order to give you a better understanding of what sustainability communications entails, we launched our three part blog series recently starting off with our first blog: Sustainability Communications (Part 1) – What is it anyway?

The different faces of sustainability communications

Sustainability communications can have different faces. It can be used as a vehicle to campaign important causes or as a means to educate corporates to become more sustainable internally and communicate it to their stakeholders. In this blog, we will briefly explore five different client case studies in order to give some insight into some of the different ways sustainability communications can be applied:

Virgin Active

Virgin Active is a global gym brand also based in South Africa. The gym recently announced their decision to start eliminating single-use plastic starting with their head office. transparenCI assisted the company, in partnership with Ecolution Consulting, by formulating a creative waste management strategy based on the company’s waste audit and identified waste streams. The creative deck included hard hitting statistics on waste and plastic pollution, creative solutions and visions to effectively deal with the gym’s waste management, as well as iconography to be used for in house waste separation.


Fossil Free South Africa

Fossil Free South Africa, a network of South Africans that advocate for urgent divestment from fossil fuels by universities, unions, churches, civil society organisations and all investment funds (Fossil Free South Africa, 2018). We assisted them with their #DivestNow Campaign, which calls on South Africa’s top asset fund managers to help people invest in a greener future. This included:

  • Graphic design work
  • Copywriting
  • Social media services
  • Digital campaign management
FFSA Divest Now Campaign

Equator Accessories

Equator Accessories, one of Africa’s largest belt manufacturers that supplies belts to retailers such as Woolworths, Polo and Levi’s, embarked on a sustainability journey in early 2018 when moving into their new factory based in Pinetown, KZN.

To embark on their journey to sustainability as effectively as possible, Equator needed to ensure that all employees in all departments and on all levels needed to be engaged and enthusiastic about making a change to becoming a more eco-friendly factory. We assisted Equator with achieving this through internal as well as external sustainability communications in the forms of:

  • Strategic signage around the factory to engage and educate employees and guests about the sustainability interventions around the factory, as well as behavioural tips on how to minimise water and energy consumption, recycle well and reduce waste.
  • Employee training workshops.
  • Sustainability journey copywriting and iconography for their website and client collateral.

Darling Brew

Darling Brew, a craft brewery based in Darling, Western Cape, is one of South Africa’s first well-established, award-winning breweries. In 2016, the brewery launched Africa’s first carbon neutral beer entitled “Blood Serpent” as part of their journey to sustainability, and in 2018 became Africa’s first carbon neutral brewery in which we assisted with the launch campaign and PR-related communications. We also assisted the brewery in their sustainability journey in various forms of external communications, helping them be as transparent as possible in their green journey.  This included:

  • Public relations and marketing campaign for the launch of the brewery as Africa’s first carbon neutral brewery
  • Digital communications in the form of social media, website management and email marketing
  • Brand strategy
  • Graphic design
  • Product development and packaging concepts
  • Media activations
Darling Brew sustainability communications

Ecolution Consulting

Ecolution Consulting is a green building and sustainability consulting firm based in Cape Town, Western Cape. Our work for them is largely focused on sustainability related content marketing, including all branding, digital communications, design and marketing, as well as creating specialised copy and infographics that assist them in explaining complex topics in simple ways.

In addition to this, we partner with Ecolution on offering sustainability communications and employee engagement campaigns to joined clientele that seek further assistance on their sustainability journey. This includes anything from signage that focuses on behaviour change amongst employees to employee training workshops.

Sustainability Infographics

And there you have it. But a few examples of how sustainability communications can look. We hope that this has helped to give a bit of an understanding on what it may entail. If you are interested in going green or in sustainability communications for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us on