The Story Behind transparenCI

Like any brand, the beginnings of transparenCI start with the personal journey and ideas of a person. In this case, our creative director and founder Sarah Robyn Farrell, a.k.a “Sustainable Sarah”.

The journey leading to transparenCI’s birth

Sarah aligns the journey of transparenCI closely with her own journey to becoming a more conscious and sustainable individual. For as long as she can remember, Sarah has always been green at heart but it was only in university, when she ran the marketing portfolio of the Green Campus initiative whilst finishing her degree in media production, that she had her first taste of sustainable communications.

Before starting transparenCI, Sarah gained an abundance of knowledge and experience in the field of sustainability and sustainable marketing whilst working as the marketing manager at Hotel Verde, Africa’s greenest hotel. Alongside managing all branding, design and marketing activities at the hotel, she was actively involved in the brand activation of Verde Hotels which is now rolling out sustainable hotels across Africa. Sarah was also very involved in the hotel’s sustainability journey, producing the hotel’s first Thrivability Report as well as launching and managing the hotel’s in-house sustainability drive aimed at educating and incentivising employees to reach sustainability targets.

Towards the end of her chapter at Hotel Verde and before embarking on her journey of starting transparenCI, Sarah assisted with marketing and design related activities for the hotel owner’s other brands including Dematech and bevPLUS, as well as being involved in Darling Brew’s launch of Africa’s first carbon neutral beer. She began to realise that her passion for sustainability, writing and branding combined could be used to help other brands be more sustainable and communicate it.

And so at the age of 25, in the August of 2016, Sarah started the boutique consulting agency that is transparenCI. A company focusing on creating transparent Corporate Identities, going against the grain of the typical marketing and advertising industry which often lacks transparency and ethics.

transparenCI logo

Who we are today

At transparenCI, we are passionate about working with like-minded companies who wish to enact positive change from within. As a group of forward-thinking creatives, we seek to drive positive change and minimise our environmental impact in the process. We’re serious about helping our clients become ethical and transparent brands, and help them communicate this both with employees and with customers.